06 iulie 2018

Special Operations News Update 20180706


SOF News Update 20180706 – SOF DEPTEMPO, secret SOF programs and operations in Africa, NATO’s cyberwarfare strategy, rule of law and the gray zone, Lake Chad water crisis, gender advisor capability, a low-intensity USMC, SBS pioneer, SOF Tax Cut Act, LTC Dave Clukey (SF officer) gives speech on leadership, police advising, fixing SOF by BG (Ret) Bolduc, and more. SOF News SOF DEPTEMPO. Stu Bradin, a retired Special Forces officer and president of the Global SOF Foundation, writes about the high [...]

Raport Anual: Agenda de Securitate a anului 2018, pe scurt

Evenimente care au marcat anul 2018, pe diverse niveluri ale securității

  • National
  • European
  • Internațional