19 iunie 2019

Paris Air Show: Unmanned VTOL eyes fixed-wing real estate Paris Air Show: Eurofighter launches long-term capability drive Paris Air Show: Fighting talk (video) Paris Air Show: Uvision presents new multi-canister launcher Paris Air Show: Future fighter hard sell undermined by soft detail Paris Air Show: Leonardo exhibits new missile warning system Paris Air Show: Weaponised UAV expansion set to drive growth in the market Sign-up to Shephard Plus


A rapidly maturing unmanned VTOL industrial base is pushing its platforms into contention for naval test and procurement programmes where it was thought only fixed-wing capabilities would suffice.Catapult-launched fixed-wing systems, while capable of greater endurance, also bring their own footprint, an issue when embarked on naval vessels where real estate is at a premium. Unmanned VTOL aircraft come with a much smaller requirement in this regard, and are poised to potentially capture ground [...]