07 septembrie 2022

Industry Spotlight US battle labs assess AI-based programme for airspace deconfliction MSPO 2022: MBDA engages with early stage Narew SHORAD and more Baykar ramps up TB2 production capacity, pins faith in Ukraine Saab kindles international interest with MSHORAD live firing test Embraer completes C-390/KC-390 firefighting flight tests When the shoe fits: Greece looks to US and Israel for UAV and counter-drone solutions MSPO 2022: Polish 2023 budget places emphasis on deterrence against Russia Embraer makes progress with Portuguese KC-390 test campaign Moldova unveils meagre defence budget growth amid lingering Russian threat Boeing to lead GMD system integration effort


The event takes place at a critical juncture for the ambitions of many European nations, including the Hungarian Defence Forces, to bring SOF funding in line with its increasingly important role in current conflicts.“Current events in Europe are not only driving a huge reinvestment in SOF capabilities, they are providing a unique insight into how the SOF-conventional warfare dynamic is evolving before our eyes,” Stu Bradin, President & CEO, Global SOF Foundation, said. “We are seeing legacy [...]