20 septembrie 2022

Industry Spotlight NP Aerospace joins Jankel-Oshkosh initiative for British Army JLTVs Luxembourg to procure 80 vehicles based on GDELS Eagle V Has the British Army been learning from its mistakes? Integrated Review needs to be revisited in every aspect, says Ellwood Embraer and L3T team up on 'agile' tanker for USAF consideration Annual assessment gives green light for US exports to Cyprus G3 Systems reveals progress on NavyPODS Israeli KC-46 tanker fleet to receive unique configurations US commits more HIMARS ammunition and artillery rounds to Ukraine


As listed in the 2022 Capabilities Catalogue, top of the HUNSOF’s list for the short-medium term are unmanned aviation systems (UAS), including Group 1 UAS, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and Ground Control Software (GCS); and manned aviation systems, including light, medium and heavy rotary wing aircraft and the equipment that enable and support these operations in the SOF operational envelope.“The Capabilities Catalogue is a critical driver of technology prioritization for GSOF [...]