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ianuarie 2020

19 - 21 ianuarie Intersec 2020

The world’s leading security, safety, and fire protection trade show, with a long list of dedicated features, such as live demonstrations, the Intersec ARENA and Intelligence Forums to a VR firefighting experience and Drone zone, which complement a packed exhibition floor featuring more than 1,100 exhibitors. Intersec is supported by the Dubai Police, Dubai Police Academy, Dubai Civil Defence, the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA), and the Dubai Municipality.

21 - 24 ianuarie World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters is the foremost creative force for engaging the world's top leaders in collaborative activities to shape the global, regional and industry agendas at the beginning of each year. The 2020 Annual Meeting will be among the most sustainable international summits ever held. Awarded the IS0 20121 standard for sustainable events in 2018, the Annual Meeting is fully carbon neutral through reducing, calculating and offsetting event-related emissions.

24 ianuarie - 26 februarie MRO Middle-East, Dubai, EAU

MRO Middle East, co-located with Aircraft Interiors Middle East (AIME), is the Gulf region's leading conference and exhibition for commercial aviation maintenance, gathering over 5,000 attendees from the entire airline supply chain. This is the one opportunity you have in this region to discover the crucial issues impacting the MRO industry today and to engage with colleagues, customers, peers and competitors from all segments of the business. MRO Middle East's specific focus on MRO ensures the buyers and solution providers you want to meet will be there. Discover the crucial issues impacting the MRO industry. Engage with colleagues, customers, peers and competitors from all segments of the business. Network with the people that are fostering growth in the region, developing cutting-edge technology, and pushing the MRO industry forward. The English term MRO of the aviation technology stands for maintenance, repair and overhaul, best explained as technical inspection for aircraft. This fair is the leading exhibition with the simultaneous conference for aircraft maintenance in the Middle East, which is only accessible for trade visitors. As a hub for business growth, knowledge transfer and technological progress the fair bring together global airline managers, suppliers, maintenance specialists and security experts. Here the latest products and technologies of the industry are presented, with the aim to increase the energy, cost and technology efficiency in the company in compliance with environmentally-friendly aspects. The MRO Middle East is the information and communication platform that focuses on critical industry issues and offers an extensive conference program with analysis, forecasts, future prospects, industry outlook. Furthermore, during live demonstrations, the most innovative products and technologies are shown.

28 - 30 ianuarie 2020 Surface Warships Conference, London UK

The Surface Warships conference will be taking place this month as we welcome senior Naval and Industry leaders, including higher naval commands of the NATO alliance and partner states, attracting over 150 senior officials including navy commanders, directors of materiel, heads of strategic programs, capability planners, shipyard directors, as well as leading solution providers. These leaders will be joining us from around the globe for the 10th annual forum - View the current attendee list here! With limited spaces remaining, do not miss this premier meeting for unparalleled networking and in-depth conversations - book your pass here. Over the course of 3 days, the event will centre on future capability development for an information-centric operating environment, focusing on the nature of Future Operations, the required Future Technologies, and the makeup of the Future Force Structure. The conference will allow the exchange of knowledge in the field of ship design, construction, and operations across the entire spectrum of surface warships – identifying solutions for modernising capabilities and enhancing interoperability to maintain maritime superiority against near-peer opponents and asymmetric threats.

29 - 31 ianuarie 13th Annual Radar Military Summit, Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Alexandria , VA

IDGA’s Military Radar Summit, now in its 13th successful year, will once again provide the essential platform to discuss the ongoing efforts to advance detection, tracking, identification and survivability capabilities for radar technology in support of emerging US National security priorities and battlefield overmatch. The ongoing proliferation of next-generation missile and hypersonic threats, to include increasing examples of UAV and UAS threats, leadership across the Armed Services is poised to leverage advanced radar and sensor solutions that address these future challenges. The current buildup of radar technologies along the Pacific AOR illustrates a need to rapidly bolster our current technological standing to keep at pace with threats, and IDGA's senior level faculty will speak to how ongoing radar and sensor technology developments will meet these emerging threats. Leadership across the Services have routed radar development to focus on advancing small target detection, sensor fusion, cognitive radar, SWAP-C, autonomous assets, survivability and resiliency to enable improved mission success. Our previous iteration offered senior-level understanding across these trends, and our 2020 summit will revisit and update them, while also focusing on new areas such as AI and ML for improved radar, ongoing service-wide sensor efforts, hypersonic detection and more. Join IDGA’s Military Radar Summit 2020 for the unique opportunity to collaborate and network with key leaders, solutions providers, and subject matter experts across the radar community. Attend our summit not only for the chance to guide your professional radar understanding and development aligned with Military priorities, but also to network and benchmark your solutions with the Military Services, Federal Government, and DoD, sharing their next-generation radar roadmaps, acquisition priorities, future technology priorities, and much more!

29 - 31 ianuarie The Operational Energy Summit 2020, Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, ALexandria VA

As the DoD calls for a dedicated $3.6 billion budget for 2020 and with a comprehensive plan outlined by the OES, IDGA’s Operational Energy Summit 2020, now in its 13th successful year, is once again the annual community gathering from across the branches of service that will provide the platform to discuss cutting edge technologies and necessary modernization. The 2020 summit will provide exclusive and updated educational content, as well as thought leadership, knowledge exchange and opportunities for cooperation to promote energy technologies, expand reusable, accessible and efficient solutions to address the latest challenges and provide paths to enhance Soldier lethality and support logistic missions. The Operational Energy Summit 2020 will provide the community with over-arching reviews from DoD, DLA and all branches of the military, as well as tactical and operational points of view from across the Services. With that in mind, our sessions will cover top priorities to align with the three pillars of the DoD OES. The Summit will discuss current programs and future priorities in support of logistical and operational energy solutions; emerging technologies, renewable solutions, disruptive innovation and allocating as well as resourcing and developing plans to ensure mission effectiveness. The Focus Day will open the program with commentary from the top leaders of the sustainment, installations and operational energy community, providing strategic reviews and policy updates, thus setting the tone for the two days to follow with their extensive learning opportunities, over 10 hours of networking time with the key stakeholders and unique opportunities for you to deepen your footprint in the domain.

29 - 30 ianuarie The Challenge of Electronic Disruption Workshop, Varsovia, Polonia

Military operations are executed in an increasingly complex and disruptive electromagnetic environment. Russia’s growing technological advances in electronic warfare (EW) will allow its forces to jam, disrupt and interfere with NATO communications, radar and other sensor systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and other assets. In the coming years, we may witness an ever-growing convergence of Russia’s EW, cyber- and information warfare approaches which will further challenge NATO’s concepts and practices.

30 - 31 ianuarie 13th annual Mobile Deployable Communications Conference, Varsovia, Polonia

From the strategic level down to the tactical, efficient and clear communications are key to operational success. The fast pace of modern warfare requires agile, highly adaptable forces capable of rapid movement whilst maintaining consistent communication and situational awareness capability. Interoperability is also becoming increasingly important to ensure seamless command and control within a multinational coalition, especially given the rising operational tempo across Eastern Europe. Supported by the Polish Army, the Mobile Deployable Communications conference is designed to bring together leading program managers, strategic decision-makers, industry experts and thought leaders from Eastern Europe and further afield to explore the latest developments in communications technology. MDC is the only conference which focuses on CIS in the Eastern European operational environment through briefs from key regional partners and their international allies.

februarie 2020

01 - 01 februarie

Ziua Intendenţei Militare

La 1 februarie 1861 s-a emis Înaltul Ordin de Zi nr. 29, care a consfinţit înfiinţarea intendenţei armatei. Prin acesta s-a format corpul ofiţerilor de intendenţă militară, condus de intendentul general al armatei, subordonat Ministerului de Război.

03 - 04 februarie 4th Annual Network Centric Warfare Conference, Roma, Italia

4th Annual Network Centric Warfare conference, taking place in Rome on the 3rd and 4th February 2020. The modern battlespace requires agile, dynamic forces able to act with speed and precision. Militaries are increasingly equipped to do so by harnessing cutting-edge network technology to exploit an information advantage. By linking shooters, commanders and sensors in a fully networked environment, militaries can streamline decision-making, enhance situational awareness and increase mission effectiveness. The Network Centric Warfare conference is designed to enable programme managers, military professionals and industry experts to discuss and explore the latest developments, technology and opportunities across the world. Given the critical need for seamless interoperability between allied forces and the nature of NCW as a force multiplier, attendees will gain valuable information for optimising their network capabilities both internally and in a coalition. The main themes for 2020 include: Network resilience, Artificial intelligence, Tactical network modernisation, Enabling Interoperability, Research and future advancements, and many more

04 - 05 februarie Asia Defence Expo & Conference ADECS, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

At the Asia Defence Expo & Conference ADECS in Singapore, Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products for military simulation and modelling for the Asian market are presented. With the increasing defence budgets of many Asian countries, new options are opening up for the modernization of military equipment and technology. Training and simulation, therefore, play an increasingly important role. The program of the exhibition includes presentations by experts from the military, science and the private economy. Their lectures are about the most effective training and simulation technologies.

05 - 06 februarie 5th annual Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology Conference, Roma, Italia.

With rapid technological advances changing the way maritime forces need to utilise and manage ISR capabilities across domains, Maritime and Littoral Reconnaissance and Surveillance systems and platforms have become a critical component of naval capability. As the only Maritime ISR meeting in Italy with a specific focus on Maritime Space Domain Awareness, the conference will bring together the widest range of expert nations ever to discuss key operational and technological challenges facing navies and other maritime organisations, as they resolve to monitor the sea and protect their borders This year the conference has an increased focus on space based maritime reconnaissance and the addition of the relation between the Littoral and Maritime Domains and ISR capabilities that occur here. The aim is to assist the advancement and engagement of Naval practitioners and Programme Managers through briefings, panel sessions and focused discussion groups on topics including Unmanned ISR platforms, Space-based Maritime Reconnaissance, Littoral-Maritime ISR capabilities and Fleet Air Arm ISR capabilities. Platforms and topics discussed include: Space based ISR, Airborne Platforms & Operations, C4ISTAR, Unmanned Maritime Systems, Hydrographic platforms and many more..

06 - 07 februarie Marine West, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California, SUA

The event brings together the leading defense contractors with those who depend on the equipment and information they provide. Developers can now find out what works, what doesn't, and what can be done to make their products invaluable to the Marine Corps. The Marine West includes the display of visionary equipment and computer simulations of cutting edge technology designed specifically for the U.S. Marine Corps.

09 - 13 februarie RAMSTEIN GUARD 2 20 (NATO)

The NATO Electronic Warfare Force Integration Programme is a means to exercise the NATO designated regional elements of NATO’s Integrated Air and Missile Defence System conducted through the CAOCs (Combined Air Operation Centre) while also including some national systems and assets. It is designed to train Air Command Ramstein and subordinate units on the reporting/ coordination requirements while exposing them to a wide variety of EW (Electronic Warfare) tactics and techniques in a controlled environment.


Identity document fraud represents one of the biggest challenges for European border guards in securing external borders as it represents a key enabler in irregular migration, migrant smuggling, human trafficking, and movement by terrorists across borders. At the same time, thorough document and identity checks by border guards have to compete with travellers need for reasonable processing times. Recent developments in biometrics on-the-move technologies seek to support a seamless border crossing experience while maintaining security and the integrity of the control. This full-day workshop will explore the whole “identity lifecycle” from document issuance to identity verification at the border, the vulnerabilities and countermeasures and the potential for biometrics on-the-move technology to enhance both border security and facilitation.

11 - 11 februarie Capacités Motorisée seminar

On 7 November 2018, the defence ministers of Belgium and France signed the Capacités Motorisée (CaMo) partnership which will allow the Belgian land forces to completely reequip the combat fleet of its motorised brigade with precise number of vehicles. However, this partnership is more than just about acquiring new modern armoured combat vehicles. One of the main goals of the CaMo programme is to reach a level of interoperability between the land forces of the two countries where a Belgian army unit can be seamlessly integrated into a French military operation, and vice versa. In this regards, Finabel – European Army Interoperability Centre and EGMONT – The Royal Institute for International Relations are organising a seminar where high-level officials, military experts and representatives from academia will discuss how this level of interoperability could be achieved in the framework of the CaMo project. The seminar will take place on 11 February 2020 at the Egmont Palace, Place du Petit Sablon 8, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

11 - 12 februarie 13th annual Border Security Conference, Roma, Italia

With the migrant crisis ongoing in the Mediterranean, issues emerging surrounding the return of foreign fighters and the ever-present threat of cross border criminality, Border Security stands at the forefront of planning for countries and international organisations. Border Security 2020 will be a high-level conference, bringing together military staff, government figures and key individuals involved in enhancing border security capabilities of nations on a global scale. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to meet with key industry stakeholders and to hear from some of the world’s leading individuals. Now in its thirteenth year, the event has established itself as a market leader in this sector, covering the most pertinent topics in border security year on year. Unlike other events, we strive to deliver real insight and learning experiences through the expertly selected speakers who run our presentations, ensuring the latest developments from all parts of the community (industry and military) are covered in detail. SMi’s Border Security conference will return as the leading event for industry professionals and government officials around the world dealing with border security implementation, technological solutions and effective policing strategies. A truly global event, delegates will hear from government speakers, international organisations such as Interpol, euLISA, Airpol and IOM, as well as industry on the latest developments in the field of cross border security and countering threats.

11 - 16 februarie SINGAPORE AIRSHOW 2020, Changi Exhibition Centre, Changi, Singapore

The Singapore Airshow is a biennial aerospace event held in Singapore, debuted in 2008. It hosts high-level government and military delegations, as well as senior corporate executives around the world while serving as a global event for leading aerospace companies and budding players (including start-ups) to make their mark in the international aerospace and defence market. Formerly known as Changi International Airshow, the Singapore Airshow was launched as a partnership between Singaporean agencies Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and the Defence Science and Technology Agency after the relocation of Asian Aerospace from Singapore. The event offers a unique platform for industry thought leadership through its high-level conferences, forums and co-located events. Leading industry players, government and military chiefs gather here bi-annually to contribute to dialogues, exchange ideas and seek solutions and strategies to advance the interests of the global aerospace and defence sector.[2] It is cited to be the third-largest air show in the world after Le Bourget and Farnborough, as well as Asia's largest air show, although this is disputed by the Dubai Air Show.

23 - 23 februarie

Ziua Hidrografului Militar

Serviciul Hidrografic Maritim s-a înfiinţat la 23 februarie 1926, având ca atribuţii “să se ocupe cu studiile, sondajele şi ridicările relative la fluviu şi mare, preocuparea, păstrarea şi asigurarea navelor cu hărţile şi instrumentele necesare navigaţiei şi ridicărilor hidrografice, controlul cronometrelor, executarea semnalului de oră în portul Constanţa, date meteorologice, aerologice şi oceanografice”

23 - 25 februarie UMEX 2020 - THE 4TH Edition of the Unmanned Systen Exhibition and Conference, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The event that showcase the MENA regions industry leading and growing unmanned systems segments. Ideally positioned to provide a professional platform for manufacturers to meet operators and establish lucrative business relationships while promoting the defence, environmental, civil and humanitarian benefits of unmanned systems. The high-profile event offers access to the regional and international networks, share important views and experiences with key-players in the field.

25 - 27 februarie Support Ships 2020 Conference, Copthorne Tara Hotel London Kensington, UK

Support Ships 2020: Enabling the Surface Fleet Supplying the Joint Force Support Ships 2020 comes at a time of extraordinary growth and investment for the UK and other navies around the world who are seeking to attain or retain, blue-water capability. Despite the critical nature of support vessels, afloat support, maintenance and sealift – Support Ships remains the only dedicated conference of its kind in the world. It is a unique opportunity for colleagues to connect and impart knowledge, and for industry leaders to take their message to new audiences – and to learn from the leaders of tomorrow’s naval programmes. In the UK, the Royal Navy is preparing for the first operational carrier deployment in 2021 – and the Fleet Solid Support Ship programme is on the near horizon. We are therefore delighted that the UK’s Secretary of Defence, the Right Honourable Ben Wallace MP, along with Commodore Duncan Lamb of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, will be delivering keynote presentations. Senior officers from the United States, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and across Europe will also be sharing their valuable insight into this vital subject. The international nature of the 2020 event programme speaks to the importance of afloat support – and long-range operational capabilities – for all major navies, at a time when the threat from peer and near-peer adversaries continues to grow.

25 - 27 februarie International Military Helicopter, London UK

International Military Helicopter unites more than 200 military and industry leaders, at a strategic forum designed to assure the role of the military helicopter by supporting the delivery of capability in practice. Organised in 2020 across three specifically themed days – Vision 2030, War Fighter Readiness/Current Operations and Platform Sustainment – it provides a unique opportunity to look across the life-cycle of the platform, offering a world-class program led by operators, capability leaders and technical specialists alike. Though future capability-focused, the forum does not ignore the challenges of the present, and it remains the opportunity to prepare for the full spectrum of operations, from combat to search and rescue, logistics to humanitarian support. Covering everything from manned-unmanned teaming to training and predictive maintenance, it offers an unparalleled chance to ensure our forces are ready to fight and win, whenever they might be called upon to do so.

25 - 27 februarie Combat Support Week, London UK

The Combined Force approach to Logistics and Engineering The return to preparations for a peer threat engagement has placed a new emphasis on the military support structure. There is now a greater emphasis on maintaining mobility and operational freedom whilst denying the enemy their own, placing new pressures on the combat support commander. Combat Support Week will address these new challenges for Military Engineers and Logisticians to ensure that mobility is maintained and capabilities are able to be effectively deployed by the combat force. Assessing the critical requirements for the deployment and maintenance of a combat force in theatre will feature throughout the programme this year along with a clear focus on enabling mobility, momentum and capability by identifying innovative, cost-efficient solutions to modernise operational capabilities. Recognising the emerging technical requirements within Combat Support the conference will enable attendees to revolutionise their capabilities in line with modern operating conditions by stimulating discussion and building concensus between military experts and industry partners on the future of Combat Support.

28 - 28 februarie

Ziua Protecţiei Civile

În România, protecţia civilă a luat fiinţă prin Decretul regal din 28 februarie 1933 sub denumirea de "apărare pasivă" având ca scop "să limiteze efectele bombardamentelor aeriene asupra populaţiei sau resurselor teritoriului, prin protecţie directă sau micşorînd eficacitatea atacurilor aeriene". Conceptul de protecţie civilă a evoluat de la "apărare pasivă" la "apărare locală antiaeriană" în 1952, apoi "apărare civilă" în 1978 şi "protecţie civilă " în 1996. Schimbările produse in societatea românească în perioada 1996-2004 au dus şi la schimbări în domeniul protecţiei civile prin elaborarea Legii nr. 481/2004 care este în concordanţă cu principiile, scopurile şi obiectivele prevăzute în Strategia Internaţională pentru Prevenirea Catastrofelor, adoptată de Adunarea Generală ONU precum şi cele stabilite de mecanismele Uniunii Europene în domeniu.

martie 2020

01 - 01 martie

Ziua Automobiliştilor Militari

La 1 martie 1917, prin înaltul Decret nr. 245 al regelui Ferdinand I, s-a înfiinţat Regimentul de Tracţiune Automobilă, moment ce a marcat începutul procesului de reorganizare a formaţiunilor de automobile şi apariţia a armei auto în Armata României.

01 - 01 martie

Ziua Fortelor pentru Operatii Speciale

03 - 04 martie 5th Annual Defence Logistics Central and Eastern Europe Conference, Budapesta, Ungaria

As the only event that specifically focuses on the modernisation and optimisation of the supply chains of CEE nations, we bring together the leading decision-makers and leaders responsible for implementing and delivering these transformation programmes in the region. As cooperation between armed forces, and the prevalence of joint logistics operations increases, so the importance of defence logistics as a capability in its own right continues to grow. With the full support of the Hungarian Defence Forces, we are delighted to bring you Defence Logistics Central And Eastern Europe 2020 from the new location of Budapest, Hungary. The themes for 2020 include Regional Updates, Heavy Lift (rail & air), Fuel Logistics, Supply Chain Management Solutions, International Operations and Solutions, 3rd party logistics, Future Trends and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul), and many more!

04 - 06 martie IADE TUNISIA Aerospace & Defence Exhibition, Djerba, Tunisia

IADE TUNISIA Aerospace & Defence Exhibition takes place in Djerba, in the heart of the Gulf of Gabès. The aerospace & defence exhibition will showcase over 200 exhibiting companies from around the world and will host a large number of African delegations and decision-makers from Tunisia, Africa and the Middle East. This base of companies is a part of development schemes that cover a wide range of aerospace & defence activities. So, whether you are looking to meet new buyers, to sign new deals or to present your new products, IADE Tunisia will provide diverse opportunities to meet international key players of the aerospace and defence industry, to expand your network and to build new partnerships. The event also includes an organised delegation visit programme, face-to-face B2B meetings and conferences. On the first three days, IADE is open exclusively to trade visitors and on the last two days also to the general public. The first edition and therefore the premiere of the IADE Tunisia takes place on 5 days from Wed., 04.03.2020 to Sun., 08.03.2020 in Mellita.

10 - 11 martie 6th annual Future Soldier Technology Conference, Londra, Marea Britanie

sixth annual Future Soldier Technology conference in London on the 10th and 11th of March 2020, with a pre-conference, Dismounted Soldier Situational Awareness Focus Day on 9th March 2020 – exploring how new technologies within mobile deployable communications, ISTAR, battlespace management, Command & Control networks, and innovative immersive technologies and displays are assisting the warfighter. Future soldier programmes are as essential as ever to ensuring that soldiers are able to effectively operate in difficult terrain and hostile environments. As industry surges forward with their technological capabilities, it is crucial to understand the priorities of armed forces programme managers. As the only meeting solely dedicated to enhancing soldier modernisation programmes, Future Soldier Technology 2020 will provide a unique opportunity to see how emerging technologies and materials are used to overcome challenges in soldier modernisation programmes, from across the world. It will explore the key categories in development, such as: survivability, lethality, sustainability, mobility and C4i. Along with soldier modernisation programmes from: IdZ-ES, FELIN, ISSP, Land 125, Sistemas de Combate do Soldado, and more.

16 - 18 martie Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX), Doha, Qatar

Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX), which is held under the theme ‘Connecting the World’s Maritime Defence and Security Community’. DIMDEX 2020 will offer unmatched commercial opportunities to participants by providing a dynamic platform to showcase cutting-edge maritime defence technologies and discuss the latest global trends with key decision-makers and leaders in the industry. DIMDEX is firmly established in the global maritime defence and security industry calendar with a proven track record of delivering tangible benefits for its esteemed attendees. It has a reputation as a premier arena for showcasing the latest technologies that will help address regional and international defence challenges. This is done through the main activities of the event: the exhibition, the Middle East Naval Commanders Conference (MENC), the Visiting Warship Display from international naval forces, and meetings between the industry and invited VIP delegations. DIMDEX 2020 is set to host large numbers of new exhibitors and visitors from across the globe to an even bigger exhibition space, where all participants can be assured that their objectives will be met. We are confident that it will retain its international position by attracting even greater numbers of key decision-makers, VIPs and influencers.

17 - 18 martie First Conference: Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector Phase III (CF SEDSS III) – Zagreb, Croatia

The Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector (CF SEDSS) is a European Commission funded initiative managed by the EDA. This Forum was established from scratch with the primary scope to create a defence energy-related community to share information, knowledge and best practices on improving energy management, increasing energy efficiency and buildings performance, utilising renewable energy sources in the defence sector and enhancing the resilience of defence-related critical energy infrastructure. To address these objectives, and with the support of the European Commission, EDA has implemented two phases: the first phase took place from October 2015 to October 2017 and the second one held from October 2017 to August 2019. Building on the successful outcome of these two phases and to address emerging and future challenges in the field of energy, EDA and the European Commission launched on 1st October 2019 the third phase, which will run over a period of four years until 30 September 2023. CF SEDSS phase III is funded by the European Union’s (EU) horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No. 882171. While EDA’s remit does not include enforcing action of MoDs, it will work in a way to facilitate and enable the development or adoption of the necessary energy-related measures or plans. The Agency, with the support of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Energy (DG ENER) and Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME) will provide technical advice and guidance to EU Ministries of Defence MoDs and other defence energy-related stakeholders to reach sustainable energy objectives.

18 - 20 martie SECON 2020 - International Security Exhibition & Conference, Kintex, Coreea de Sud

SECON 2020 is the biggest professional B2B security event as well as a comprehensive security platform, which helps you to grow your business through an extensive network and robust meetings with distributors, SIs, installers, retailers and influencers playing at distribution and procurement market in Asia. For the past 19 years, SECON has grown to become the leading tradeshow for international companies to introduce their products to the Asian and Korean markets. With support from influential Korean security groups of the SECON organising committee, SECON is a renowned must-attend exhibition for the whole security, fire and safety sector ranging from manufacturers to end-users. The most influential Asian security exhibition dedicated to all sectors of the security industry under one roof With 46,000+ industry professionals and over 500+ exhibitors, SECON is the largest integrated security exhibition in Korea Network with 25,000+Physical, IoT and IT Security Professionals Experience international security trend with advanced security products and brands from global leading security enterprises The perfect place for international companies to test-market their products in the Asian security market Generate business leads from powerful buyers Meet face to face with new potential customers/partners and existing partners Powerful networking with IFSEC Global Events and other IT/Physical Security Events organised by UBM BN

25 - 25 martie

Ziua Operatiilor Psihologice

30 martie - 02 aprilie SOFEX 2020 - Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference, Amman, Iordania

SOFEX is the premier international exhibition and conference that features the largest fully-integrated Special Operations Forces equipment and solutions in the world. SOFEX brings together small medium-size companies as well as major counter-terrorism and homeland security international manufacturers to meet with high-ranking defence officials and government decision-makers, SOFEX is a unique global gathering for showcasing the latest counter-terrorism and homeland security solutions to combat today’s ever-increasing security challenges. SOFEX is held biennially under the Patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II, and is supported by the Jordan Armed Forces. The 13th edition of SOFEX (SOFEX 2020) will build on the continuous success of the SOFEX series. SOFEX 2020 will be held in Amman, Jordan between March 30th and April 2nd.

31 martie - 02 aprilie Hypersonic Weapons Summit

The age of Hypersonic Weapons is upon us. In light of ongoing efforts to rapidly enable next-generation hypersonic capabilities, IDGA‘s Hypersonic Weapons events series has been established to comprehensively analyze and enable the realization of next generation hypersonic technology and weaponry. Join IDGA’s Hypersonic Weapons Summit for the unique opportunity to hear from General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's approach to the ongoing global proliferation of hypersonic weapons and capabilities. General Milley, will deliver Keynote Remarks entitled, “Ensuring Hypersonic Capabilities for Total Force Utilization,” to include a Q&A session following his remarks.

aprilie 2020

23 - 23 aprilie

Ziua Forţelor Terestre

25 - 25 aprilie

Ziua Justitiei Militare

Prin Decretul-lege nr. 1625 din 1919 a luat fiinţă Serviciul Contencios al Ministerului de Război, moment care a marcat actul de naştere a structurii specializate în asigurarea asistenţei juridice pentru armată.

29 - 29 aprilie

Ziua Veteranilor de Război

Ziua Veteranilor de Război a fost instituită prin Hotărârea de Guvern nr. 1222/2007 şi se sărbătoreşte în fiecare an la 29 aprilie, în onoarea tuturor militarilor români care au luptat şi şi-au dat viaţa, pe timpul celor două conflagraţii mondiale, pentru apărarea independenţei, suveranităţii şi integrităţii teritoriale a României.

30 - 30 aprilie

Ziua Infanteriei Române

În baza prevederilor Tratatului de la Adrianopol, încheiat între Rusia şi Turcia după război, care stipulau că Ţările Române obţin dreptul să-şi organizeze "un numar de gărzi înarmate pamântene", adică să-şi înfiinţeze propria lor putere militară, "a cărei număr şi întreţinere vor fi stabilite de domni împreună cu divanele lor", la 30 aprilie 1830 s-a hotărât "formăluirea în Valahia a şase batalioane pedestrime şi şase escadroane călărime a străjii pamântesti". Din aceste forţe au fost create trei regimente mixte: unul la Bucureşti, unul la Ploieşti şi altul la Craiova. În acelaşi timp au luat fiinţă în Moldova un batalion de infanterie şi un escadron de cavalerie din care s-a înfiinţat primul regiment mixt, cu garnizoana la Iaşi.

30 - 30 aprilie

Ziua Logisticii Militare

mai 2020

15 - 15 mai

Ziua Trupelor de Apărare CBRN

Prin decizia ministerială nr. 297 din 15 mai 1923, s-a înfiinţat în Ministerul de Război, Comitetul Consultativ pentru Chestiunile Tehnice Privitoare la Războiul Chimic.

15 - 15 mai

Ziua Poliţiei Militare

La 15 mai 1990 s-au reînfiinţat unităţile şi subunităţile de poliţie militară din Armata României. Istoricul Poliţiei Militare se află însă în strânsă legătură cu istoricul jandarmeriei române, de unde îşi are originile. Trebuie făcută însă menţiunea că Gendarmeria – denumirea din acea epocă – a fost înfiinţată şi subordonată Ministerului de Resbelu. Primele atestări ale activităţii de „poliţie a trupei” se regăsesc în documentele de „fiinţare a gendarmeriei” din 3 aprilie 1850 emise de Domnul Grigore Alexandru Ghica, iar misiunile specifice au fost consemnate şi în Ordonanţa 896 din 20 iunie 1864 semnată de Domnitorul Al. I. Cuza. Termenul consacrat de Poliţie Militară îşi are originile în anul 1893, când, pe vremea Regelui Carol I, cu aprobarea acestuia, legiuitorul Lascăr Catargiu a promulgat „Legea asupra Gendarmeriei rurale”. Astfel, în Monitorul Oastei nr. 53 din 5 noiembrie 1893, găsim în legea mai sus menţionată, la TITLUL IV - Atribuţiunile gendarmeriei, Capitolul I – Serviciul ordinar şi extraordinar, articolul 52 - serviciul ordinar coprinde: ........, pct. e) Poliţia Militară.<

20 - 20 mai

Ziua Financiarului Militar

31 - 31 mai

Ziua Geniştilor Militari

Prima unitate de geniu din Armata României a fost înfiinţată la 31 mai 1859, data la care domnitorul A.I. Cuza punea rezoluţia "Se încuviinţează" pe raportul nr. 1902 înaintat de Guvernul Moldovei, prin care se cerea aprobarea constituirii şi întreţinerii unui batalion de geniu, necesar pentru "înaintarea lucrărilor publice".

31 - 31 mai

Ziua Rezervistului Militar

Ziua Rezervistului Militar a fost instituită prin Hotărârea Guvernului României nr. 467 din 12 mai 2010. Prin această hotărâre instituţiile publice din cadrul sistemului de apărare, ordine publică şi siguranţă naţională pot sprijini, in condiţiile legii, manifestările prilejuite de acest eveniment.

iunie 2020

10 - 10 iunie

Ziua Paraşutiştilor Militari

În baza Ordinului D.M. 93/1941 10 iunie 1941, ia fiinta prima subunitate de paraşutişti - Compania de Misiuni Speciale - comandata de lt. Stefan Soverth.

18 - 18 iunie

Ziua Constructorilor Militari

În această zi se sărbătoreşte înfiinţarea Direcţiei Construcţii si Domenii Militare, la 18 iunie 1920.

26 - 26 iunie

Ziua Drapelului Naţional

Ziua Drapelului Naţional a fost instituită prin Legea nr. 96 din 20 mai1998. Conform legii, această zi este marcată de către autorităţile publice şi de celelalte instituţii ale statului prin organizarea unor programe şi manifestări cultural-educative, cu caracter evocator sau ştiinţific, consacrate istoriei patriei, precum şi prin ceremonii militare specifice, organizate în cadrul unitătilor Ministerului Apărării Naţionale şi ale Ministerului de Interne.

iulie 2020

01 - 01 iulie

Ziua Muzicilor Militare

Prin transpunerea în fapt a Regulamentului organic din 1/13 iulie 1831, în compunerea nou-născutelor batalioane de "miliţii" ale Armatei Naţionale permanente, intrau şi îşi începeau slujba sub drapel "ostaşii muzicanţi" (o fanfară era formată, conform prevederilor vremii, din "1 tambur, 24 muzicanţi şi 8 toboşari").

13 - 13 iulie

Ziua Specialităţii Militare "Război Electronic"

14 - 14 iulie

Ziua Transmisioniştilor Militari

În 1873, la 14 iulie, a luat fiinţă prima subunitate de transmisiuni - secţia de telegrafie, marcând astfel apariţia transmisiunilor militare.

15 - 15 iulie

Ziua Submarinistului Militar

20 - 20 iulie

Ziua Aviaţiei Române şi a Forţelor Aeriene

23 - 23 iulie

Ziua Presei Militare

La 23 iulie 1859 apărea primul număr al săptamânalului "Observatorul militar".

25 - 25 iulie

Ziua Radiolocaţiei

Prin ordinul ministrului apărării naţionale din 25 iulie 1955 au fost înfiinţate Trupele Radiotehnice.

26 - 26 iulie

Ziua Arhivelor Militare

La 26 iulie 1920, în temeiul Ordinului nr. 4 al Marelui Stat Major, a luat naştere Depozitul de Arhivă al Secţiei 6 Istorie din Marele Stat Major.

29 - 29 iulie

Ziua Imnului Naţional al României

Ziua Imnului Naţional al României - Deşteaptă-te, române, simbol al unităţii Revoluţiei Romane din anul 1848, a fost instituită prin Legea Nr. 99 din 26 mai 1998.

august 2020

01 - 01 august

Ziua Tanchiştilor

Înfiinţarea, în 1919, a primei subunităţi de tancuri.

01 - 01 august

Ziua specialităţii militare EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)

Prin ordinul de înfiinţare, la 1 august 1997, a Bazei de Instruire pentru EOD în subordinea Centrului de Instruire pentru Geniu, EOD şi Apărare CBRN "Panait Donici" cu sediul în garnizoana Râmnicu Vâlcea, a fost consfinţită în mod oficial naşterea unei noi specialităţi militare în Armata României moderne, specialitatea militară EOD.

15 - 15 august

Ziua Marinei Române şi a Forţelor Navale

21 - 21 august

Ziua Medicinei Militare

La 21 august 1862, prin Înaltul Decret Domnesc nr. 4629 a luat fiinţă Corpul Ofiţerilor Sanitari din Armată, atestându-se astfel medicina militară ca element specializat pentru asigurarea sanatăţii efectivelor militare.

septembrie 2020

01 - 01 septembrie

Ziua Informaticienilor Militari

La 1 septembrie 1963 s-a înfiinţat, prin ordinul Marelui Stat Major, Grupa de Automatizări din Direcţia Generală a Înzestrării - primul organism cu atribuţii de concepţie, coordonare şi înzestrare în domeniul informaticii militare şi automatizării conducerii trupelor.

04 - 04 septembrie

Ziua Tipografilor Militari

19 - 19 septembrie

Ziua Artileriei şi Rachetelor Antiaeriene

La 19 septembrie 1916, pe timpul executării manevrei de la Flămânda de către Armata 3, se realizează doborârea primului avion inamic de către o baterie de artilerie înzestrată cu tunuri antiaeriene propriu-zise (calibru 75 mm Deport), şi nu cu tunuri terestre adaptate.

octombrie 2020

01 - 01 octombrie

Ziua Scafandrilor Militari

09 - 09 octombrie

Ziua Resurselor Umane

La 9 octombrie 1862, prin Înaltul Decret al domnitorului Alexandru Ioan Cuza, în cadrul Ministerului de Război, a luat fiinţă, "I-a Direcţie Personal şi Operaţii Militare", organizată pe două "diviziuni", din care ulterior au evoluat structurile de personal/resurse umane din Armata României.

20 - 20 octombrie

Ziua Pensiilor Militare

În "Monitorul Oastei" nr. 1 din 20 octombrie 1862, anul al 3-lea, Partea Oficială, în cuprinsul Ordinului pe toată oastea nr 267, semnat de generalul Florescu, în calitate de ministru de război, se menţionează prima structură specializată în domeniul pensiilor militare în cadrul Tabloului cu noua organizare a Ministerului.

25 - 25 octombrie

Ziua Armatei României

30 - 30 octombrie

Ziua Relaţiilor Publice Militare

La 30 octombrie 1993, în baza Ordinului general al ministrului apărării şi a Ordinului Marelui Stat Major, Secţia de Informare şi Relaţii Publice a Armatei (SIRPA -înfiinţată la sfârşitul lunii octombrie 1991), s-a transformat în Direcţia de Informare şi Relaţii Publice a Armatei (DIRPA), iar în perioada 30 aprilie 1997 – 20 februarie 2007 a purtat denumirea de Direcţia Relaţii Publice (DRP). Începând cu 20 februarie 2007, denumirea structurii este Direcţia informare şi relaţii publice.

noiembrie 2020

03 - 03 noiembrie

Ziua Vânătorilor de Munte

Actul de constituire a fost Ordinul M.C.G.R. nr. 294 din 3/16 noiembrie 1916, potrivit căruia Şcoala Militară de Schiori - Bucureşti era transformată în Corpul Vânatorilor de Munte (comandat atunci de cpt. Virgil Bădulescu), precizându-se ca "... vânatorii de munte sunt destinati mai cu seama misiunii de recunoaştere, de siguranţă şi legatură şi sunt chemaţi a funcţiona şi ca unitate tactică, în special în trecătorile Carpaţilor".

08 - 08 noiembrie

Ziua Înzestrarii Armatei

10 - 10 noiembrie

Ziua Artileriei

În anul 1843, domnitorul Gh.Bibescu a întreprins o călătorie la Istanbul şi, la înapoiere, a adus în ţară patru tunuri de calibru 80 mm, dăruite în semn de preţuire de către sultan, pentru ca "să slujească întru paza bunei rânduieli şi liniştei obşteşti". Ca urmare, la 10 noiembrie 1843, prin porunca Domnească nr. 198, se legifera înfiinţarea primei baterii de artilerie în oastea româna.

11 - 11 noiembrie

Ziua Veteranilor

Ziua Veteranilor a fost instituită prin Legea nr.150 din 22.10.2014, privind modificarea şi completarea OUG nr.82/2006 pentru recunoaşterea meritelor personalului armatei participant la acţiuni militare şi acordarea unor drepturi acestuia şi urmaşilor celui decedat. Ziua de 11 noiembrie a fost aleasă pentru simbolistica ei - intrarea în vigoare, la 11 noiembrie 1918, ora 11.00, a Armistiţiului între Puterile Antantei şi Germania, în urma căruia se punea capăt Primului Război Mondial şi se creau condiţiile necesare realizării, în ţara noastră, a Marii Uniri de la 1 Decembrie 1918. România se alătură, astfel, Australiei, Canadei, Statelor Unite ale Americii, precum şi altor state din Europa care, la 11 noiembrie, îşi arată recunoştinţa pentru militarii întorşi din misiuni şi îşi comemorează eroii.

12 - 12 noiembrie

Ziua Statului Major al Apărării

12 - 12 noiembrie

Ziua Topogeodezilor Militari

În 1859 s-a înfiinţat Serviciul Topografic Militar.

12 - 12 noiembrie

Ziua Cercetaşilor Militari

Prin Ordinul de Zi nr. 83, la 12/24 noiembrie 1859, domnitorul Alexandru Ioan Cuza a semnat actul de constituire a "Secţiei a II-a" din cadrul "Corpului de Stat Major General", ca prim element organizat al cercetării în Armata Română.

15 - 15 noiembrie

Ziua Scafandrilor Militari şi Centrului 39 Scafandri

La 15 noiembrie 1967 în baza ordinului Marelui Stat Major, se înfiinţează prima structură de scafandri din România - Grupul 279 Scafandri (având indicativul U.M. 02145). Acesta a funcţionat în garnizoana Mangalia până la data de 1 octombrie 1976 când se transformă în Grup Scafandri de Luptă şi intră în subordinea Centrului de Scafandri.

16 - 16 noiembrie

Ziua Transporturilor Militare

La 16 noiembrie 1880, cu ocazia înfiinţării celui de-al doilea batalion de geniu (Înalt Decret nr. 2550), în cadrul unităţilor de acest tip a fost inclusă şi câte o companie de căi ferate, primele subunităţi de acest fel din Armata româna.

29 - 29 noiembrie

Ziua Infanteriei Marine

decembrie 2020

14 - 14 decembrie

Ziua Direcţiei Operaţii

15 - 15 decembrie

Ziua Cercului Militar Naţional

Cercul Militar Naţional este una dintre cele mai vechi instituţii militare româneşti, având practic vârsta independenţei ţării. Şi asta pentru că la 15 decembrie 1876, în ajunul războiului pentru independenţă din 1877-1878, în plină criză orientală, care avea să aducă schimbări majore în configuraţia sud-estului European, adunarea generală a ofiţerilor din Bucureşti, cea mai mare din ţară, a hotărât adoptarea statutelor ceea ce semnifică actul de naştere al Cercului Militar Naţional.

27 - 27 decembrie

Ziua Centrului de Operaţii Psihologice